Thursday, 23 March 2017

So the business has begun!

It's taken a good week to put my website together, so out went plans with friends and in went late nights working on the content and learning about meta tags and thanks to amazing software, I now have a website that looks pretty darn good to me!

My lovely friend Josie who came for a week and brought out resources for the school took some of the photos and some of my former clients will recognise some of the photos from my previous UK website....always best to recycle!  So, here it is!.

So i just hope, no, let me rephrase that, i know in time that my business will thrive and become the success it deserves to be.  I love massage and continuing massage and helping people is a passion for me and one i am going to pursue ardently.  I figured if the 50 hotels i contacted didn't want me and the gyms and physio places wouldn't get back to me, that's their loss and i will go it alone instead:-)

I already had one client from my facebook page and another thanks to a local contact, but hopefully in time my website will be as much of a success as the UK one was.

I love it when a plan comes together!  It's amazing what we end up doing in life when we put our minds to it, I never would have thought that i would create two websites in my lifetime.....thank goodness for simple software;-)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Oops, photos!!

I figured i really should start sharing some photos with you all, especially now i finally have internet!  That way you can see what life is really like in India and just what kind of work i have been up to with the children.  The work with the children is always good fun and it keeps life varied and interesting!

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

When things are tough, count your blessings!

So, i'm not allowed to quit right now but life doesn't give me a break either and help to set up my massage business in a more efficient and productive way. Money is going out but none really comes back in. I find out that due to the failings of my solicitor i have had to pay the service charges on my flat which belong to the previous owner, a charge of £236 and none of them are my charges at all!! It's just one thing after another and although i knew things would be tough, i'm not sure why they have to actually be this tough. It's already difficult enough moving to another country and creating a new life, never mind having to deal with financial problems due to issues with the  boiler company i use who refuse to return my money, of which i am having to escalate to the ombudsman, then the huge bill that is not mine thanks to the failures of the solicitors, I'm desperately trying to set up a massage business of which lots of people tell me that they can help me with it but no one has really delivered on this. If i hear one more person tell me how lovely that is or how they must get booked in for a massage....just book in and experience it instead of just talking about it!!

So......with things being difficult i want to reflect on how far i have come in the ten weeks of living in Jaipur.

  • Found somewhere to live that is mine for the next 10months
  • Have begun doing some Bollywood dancing.
  • Have been looking for and finally have us signed up to learn how to cook Indian style.
  • Have been taking Hindi lessons
  • Have made two good friends here
  • Have visited Chokhi Dhani, Amer Fort, Bangarh Fort and many restaurants and eateries
  • Have taken part in several special occasions with my work colleagues, especially involving cake!!
  • Have organised the fundraising campaign for work so that we can build a new classroom, along with increasing our facebook likes, organising a huge amount of donations from the UK and liaising and connecting with three different schools.
  • I contacted around 50 hotels in the area to see if they were interested in using my services. Sadly none were interested....
  • I have bought my massage equipment and have had my first client.
  • I have created a facebook page for my business and am in the process of liaising with local business/gyms/physios/guest house owners to increase my clientele.
  • Took part in a Bollywood shoot to earn a small amount of money...but it's money!
  • Tried beyond belief to set up a bank account and obtain internet, you would think that was is not!!
  • I have attended temple regularly with my work colleague
  • Got my mobile phone sorted out here
  • Found the beer shop and the means of purchasing groceries
So, although there have been challenges in the last ten weeks, i have had many wonderful experiences and i have tried bloody hard!  Let's see what the next few months bring!