Monday, 17 October 2016

In India everything is possible!

One of the things i love about India, is that everything is possible!  Equally when you are on the right path, things do tend to fall in place, it doesn't mean everything will be easy and that there won't be tears, but that things do tend to work out a bit easier and are less like hard work when your doing what is asked of you.

I have been fortunate to be selling off my stuff fairly easily recently and have handed my notice in at my storage unit.  I had a 75sqfoot storage unit and have managed to get rid of a lot of it now, which is great as i have to give it back in two weeks which is two months earlier than originally planned.   That's not to say everything has been easy, but after having so many plates to spin before i leave the UK, i figured i would rather get one plate finished with and put down!  There is still more to get rid of though and i am hoping the last big thing will be collected tomorrow.  It does feel as if selling the stuff has fallen in to place and has made things a lot easier right now.

I digress though!  It's time to apply for my visa soon and i had been looking around to find places that i could stay when i move to Jaipur at the end of December.  After some researching and wondering, i decided to ask the NGO that i will be working for and they have been fantastic in that they responded immediately to say that they have a small self contained flat that i can have which is next to the family home of the owner of the NGO.  It will be at a fraction of the cost that it would cost me and is centrally located in c-scheme which may be helpful for the massaging i want to do out there. This is ideal as i know the people or organisation who will be letting it to me so can trust them to be honourable towards me and not take financial advantage of me, which can happen sometimes.  It's also a simple solution to the situation and saves me having to look around for somewhere.  It also means i have close contact with some local people so that i can hopefully create a new family/friendship unit out there.

It definitely makes me smile!
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Where it all began....the first step on the path

I have been blogging on and off for the last seven years with various blogs, usually to do with productivity and achieving various goals that will enhance my life.  I created a wonderful list of things i wanted to do in my life time and worked towards the extent that i lost myself in ticking off experiences instead of really living them or realising what was important to me.....that people and those we love in our lives are more important than seeing whales in Africa or jumping out of an aeroplane.  Amazing as they came along and swept the rug out from under me and set me on a new path, one where i no longer wanted to simply tick things off but one where i wanted to really immerse myself and belong in whatever it was that my heart was calling for.....

So, out when the list and after a complex trip to India i slogged away working hard thinking i would get my head down and focus on had other ideas though.  It kept nagging at me, calling me to listen to it and my heart and follow the path that i knew was in front of me and take the leap of faith it was asking and start the way forward.

So, in just over ten weeks i will be saying goodbye to the UK to continue the way forward and fulfill a promise i feel i have made even though i'm not sure when i made it.  In ten weeks time i will be flying out to India again to begin working for an NGO and to help support the growth and development on a physcial, social and emotional level of the women and children who attend the centre, working with them to help them realise their potential and how we can use this in their reality.  The crazy thing is, it doesn't scare me and i am ready to go in a way and sometimes i wonder if i realise the serious of all this...but then i have always been adaptable and India is the first place in my life where i have ever felt at home.

I am never one to do things by half, so at the same time as deciding to go to India, i decided it was a good idea to invest in buying a flat, learning how to teach English as a foreign language, sell all my stuff off and work avidly on my business to fund all this.  One day i wonder if i will ever take the easy path!
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